The Company names creation.

Good, available, unique and brandable business names.

Very often companies who want to start their business in new country face with question “how to name business”.

They are searching for business name ideas and brandable business names to make them choice correct and start activities with brand that really works.

Our Company TART: Branding and Promotion creates effective brands that works and web-sites to promote them. We purely understand Ukrainian audience and audience in post-Soviet countries.

That is why we can:

  • Analyze the area which will be in future the field of brand circulation.
  • Represent the most active competitors, explain what their names mean and describe their ways of communication.
  • Based on obtained information we can propose the list of company names according to Clients preferences.
  • To make sure how good are proposed list of company names, we carry out the research (by focus groups) and represent the results to the Client.
  • After we choose at least 5 unique and brandable company names and check them as available company names for domain registration.

We believe you can create really cool company name and create unique one. But if you have some question, need advise about Ukrainian market or just more company name ideas,

The Company names creation.

Examples of developments:




Did Pedro



Brida la Garna

Amber Sun

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