As soon as it comes to designing or creating labels, before the eyes of the people appear many bottle with a variety of drinks and colorful label whiskey or beer label … However! It’s not so banal.

The word “label” has a lot of synonyms: sign, label, fingerprint, decency / etiquette, a signature stamp.

The history of the label makes it clear: what is its essence. In the old days, before the advent of paper in trade relations used stamps and tags. They hang on amphorae, bottles and other containers in order to guarantee the quality of products in it. Most often required to guarantee the quality of food, and especially as concerns the wine beverages. It is not surprising that after so many hundreds of years the label is still associated with the goods of food and wine and spirits industry.  

Historically, that has to be written on etiquette – maximum of truthful information about the product and its features. It is important for packaged goods, as that can not be sure without opening and tasting them.  

With the development of advertising and wine labels have been some changes. At the beginning of the 19th century became monotonous view labels change to reflect the mood and preferences of the then audience. Manufacturers have realized that their products are not elected purely on taste or level of respectability, but also take into account the emotional component.

Interestingly, many of the currently known artists worked to create signs or labels (Dali, N. Pirosmani, Picasso, Warhol).

Label – a combination of graphics and text characters that are applied to the goods in order to inform about its technical and operational characteristics, as well as – to guarantee the quality.  

Among the manufacturers of certain goods, there are rules about what information should be given mandatory.  

The label combines all the required and optional compositional and stylistic infogrups that include: name, manufacturer, barcode, composition, compliance with national standards or specifications, elements of advertising and other visual design.  

In terms of visual perception, the label – is a carrier of information about the brand, which is presented in a format captions and creative unification of visual elements.  

Development of labels as a process is a review and analysis of the market segment and of the group of products, among which it must take its place. Here is set the colour, shape, print quality and material, emotional background.  

The label is considered successful if at the same quality and price characteristics preferred product with this label. It is a compositional semantic extension of the brand, which identifies the user.  

Types of labels – is the use of variations and combinations of different materials and shapes to their individual technical features.  

Labels vary depending on the application, the material, shape and location. The main materials for creating labels are paper, synthetic materials, sometimes – tissues.

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Development package label includes:

  • Development of labels in vector format .eps, .ai.
  • Sample labels in .jpg.
  • Visualization of the printed label in .jpg.

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