Corporate blank, Letterhead or Form is a composite, visual, information form for organization of the entire document circulation.  

Form emphasizes the culture of doing business documents and correspondence of company.

Development is the process of creating a form template with necessary visual and information units (company name, logo, address and contact information, bank details, images of state symbols, etc.) in conjunction with the corporate style, which includes colors, fonts, geometry, composition and structure of the document.   Form layout is printed on paper contains static information; all variable information is entered into the form “by hand”, by machine or by printing.

Successful form – is an organic combination of aesthetics and informativeness.  

Create corporate blank for organization aims to those companies that recognize the importance of culture of business relationships.  

Types of forms – as such, there are no distinct types, forms and information directly depend on the areas and activities of the company, as well as the level of communication with institutions and business entities.  

The main and most common material for the corporate blank (form) is A4 paper white and beige shades of varying density and texture (but also used formats such as A5, A6, A3). Create a form just once, and then, if necessary, to replenish stocks of printed copies.

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The package of corporate blank (form) development includes:

  • Development of form in vector format .eps, .ai.
  • Sample of form in .jpg.
  • Visualization of the printed form in .jpg.