Tart is a full-service advertising agency.

The company Tart: Branding and Promotion may be called Full Cycle Advertising Agencies. This means that Tart not only produces creative ideas, but studies the scope of activities of the Client, develops strategies to promote and advertise.

In the area of responsibility of Tart are various types of marketing and types of advertising, ATL and BTL:

  • Market research.
  • Creative (creation of concepts and their implementation).
  • Development of marketing strategies.
  • Media planning and placement.
  • Marketing Communications.
  • Organization of events and activities.

Creative – Implementation – Media – Target Audience – Estimation of efficiency

Like any full service advertising agency, Tart is developing creative concepts, and then implements them. Depending on the goals and objectives of the Client creative idea can be converted into formats such as:

  • TV AdsRadio advertising.
  • Internet Advertising.
  • Advertising in print media and electronic editions.
  • Transport advertising and advertising on the cars.
  • External Advertising (billboards, citylights, the walls of houses and other advertising areas).

Marketing research helps to study the behavior of target groups, allows correctly select channels of communication that allows to create greater coverage, using optimal amount of resources.  

Creative advertising – is novelty, informativeness and emotion that in complex creates increase in demand for the advertised product, brand or service. According to Tart, any advertising, even the most creative, should not just impress; really creative adv should be enjoyed and be remembered, but the main goal is to give very specific information and results in  knowledge of the brand, product, service.    

Advertising placement requires a perfect understanding of the interests and preferences of the target audience. Just recently, for example, advertising on television had an incredibly wide coverage. The realities of today indicate that more young and progressive part of society spends most of their time on the Internet and social media, and the TV as a channel is simply not interested. Therefore competent promotion has individual aproach and depends on many factors. Commercials of many big companies which promote mass goods had  moved into the field of Internet Advertising or Online Advertising.  

Advertising in the Internet – the youngest, very popular and often a very effective form of advertising. Internet advertising involves a number of activities aimed to promote the brand, product, service, person, etc. by creating links of different levels to the site-owner (site / blog / internet page). Refering to the required resource can be done through contextual and banner ads, posts and links in social media. Online advertising allows you to very accurately track the effectiveness of advertising, also as the behavior and preferences of Internet users. Tart specializes on creation promotional banners and web high quality content (video, text, graphics), carries out works on pages optimization (seo).  

Social Advertising Tart actively participates in development of creative concepts for social advertising. We recognize the importance of social advertising in the formation of public consciousness and attract attention to urgent problems of society.