Create, Build and design of business cards

Business card – is a brief general information (textual and visual) about an individual, company, product or service put on paper, presents and briefly describes its “owner” (person or company). It is used in business communication to create contact and to interest.

Gone are the days when popularity of business cards holders was really high . In this age of communication recovery when the number of contacts is increasing rapidly during storage space for business cards could allocate shelves, cabinets … rooms.  

However, the main and almost only goal of business cards – a quick contact and good impression. And then – transfer information (phone, address, e-mail, name of the person or company) to the corresponding database of contacts.

Business card – is a kind of culture of giving the information about a person, company, product or service and how to contact it.  

Development of business card – is a process of creating and taking into account all the mandatory and essential info-groups about a person, company, service or product.  

Successful business card is an organic combination of aesthetics, concise and informativeness.   In order to create qualitative and functional business card designer should get as much information about a person or company to select and compose infogroups for easy visual perception.  

Types of cards defined shapes, materials, manufacturing and communication objectives.   The basic material used to produce paper business card are of different density, texture and color.

Definitions of business card Wikipedia →

The package includes the creation of business cards:

  • is Presentation of ideas (1 – 3) and approval of a 3 concepts for development.
  • Development of business card in vector format .eps, .ai.
  • Sample of a business card in .jpg.
  • Visualization of a printed business card in .jpg.