Brand – is a business card of a person, company, product or service.
Brand allows us to identify and distinguish among the other person, company, product or service.
Brand development – is a process of creating a unique, recognizable sign and its components.
Successful Brand – is a good and organic combination of name, visual appearance, aesthetic and innovations.
Here are steps of brand creation and components which consists the brand, also the formats in which the client receives the results of the work.
The package of brand development includes:
# Naming (Development of a name).
# Development of logotype in vector format .eps, .ai.
# Sample of logo in .jpg.
# Visualization of logo in .jpg.
# Development of business cards in vector format .eps, .ai.
# Sample of business card in .jpg.
# Visualization of business cards in .jpg.
# Development of stationery in vector format .eps, .ai.
# Sample of stationery in .jpg.
# Visualization of stationery in .jpg.
# Development of cd cover mockup in vector format .eps, .ai.
# Sample of CD in .jpg.
# Visualization of CD in .jpg.
# Development of an envelope in vector format .eps, .ai.
# Sample of an envelope in .jpg.
# Visualization of an envelope in .jpg.
# Development of flyers in vector format .eps, .ai.
# Sample of a flyer in .jpg.
# Visualization of a flyer in .jpg.
# Development of the main pages (3-5) of presentation in PowerPoint, .pdf.
# Visualization of (3-5) pages of presentation in .jpg.
Several definitions to avoid misunderstandings:
Development is a full process of product creation: idea – visualization – development in the required format for transmission to print or using in electronic format.
Sample in the format of .jpg – is an analogue to a specialized program created graphic material (logo / business cards / flyers, etc.) set up for easy viewing for users without this specialist software.
Visualization – a good way to see how, in fact, was set to appear in promotional materials, souvenirs and even differently-textured surfaces.