Development and Design of Envelopes

Envelope word comes from the Latin «cover» – which has the same meaning “cover”. That is, a kind of shell, cover, which protects the contents from mechanical damage and extra views, and hides its contents from anyone except the recipient.

History of the envelope

The need to create the envelope came much, much earlier than it got at least a little like a view of the samples, known us today. 3500-3200 BC envelopes were made of clay and they were more reminiscent of a hollow container for keeping “money” and solutions of the exchange-trade related issuesappeared.

Paper envelope was established in China as soon as the first Chinese paper. Envelopes were used for official correspondence and financial solutions. Monetary gifts were accepted _ to give in envelopes. By the way, this tradition is valid from the second century BC and it has spread almost all over the world.  

The next stage in the history of the envelope was the mechanization of its manufacturing process, because until then the envelopes were made by hand. Machine for the production of envelopes was founded by the British in 1845.  

Interesting that envelope, as a carrier of advertising information was used in 1905. And then, more than 50 years – a variety of marks on the front side.  

The next innovation in the life of envelope became the a polyethylene “window”. Envelopes with window facilitate the organization of direct marketing mailing list,  cause of possibilitiy to print the destination in the letter to specified location .  

With the advent of the Internet and e-mail correspondence interest in letters and envelopes dropped significantly.  

However, the demand for envelopes remained. Business communication is unlikely to be purely electronic in the future. In addition, the envelope is often a presenter  of corporate identity and culture of the company, adds value to the brand. Which certainly adds a certain “points” in the eyes of partners, competitors and the general public.

Envelope – a kind of a special case for sending various types of correspondence. And yet – it is an external information and business culture correspondence with their mandatory elements and requirements that must inform the person, company, product or service.  

Development of the envelope – the process of creating an individual style with all the required and necessary infogrup on the person of the company, service or product.   Successfully executed envelope combines mandatory elements with aesthetics and information.  

Types of envelopes. Classification of envelopes is wide enough. They vary in size and the presence of the window, the placement of the valve area and delivery options.  

The basic material for the envelope is a paper of different density and color, as well as – polyethylene.

Wikipedia definition of envelope →

Package design envelope includes:

  • Development of an envelope in vector format .eps, .ai (for further transmission to print)
  • Sample envelope in .jpg.
  • Visualization of the printed envelope in .jpg.