Creating, Development and Design of Logo

Logo – is a visual form, which contains brand philosophy; crops, from which Brand is grown.

Logo – is a social-business face; graphic form for visual memory, storage information on the subject of who owns the logo. Logo is the external form that creates the first impression in the target audience and performs preliminary communication functions.

Development of logotype – is a process of information gathering and analysis of many factors (marketing and social environment, major trends, combining style with the vision of the company / person / product, etc.) that affect the quality and organic logo and create uniqueness and relevance logo.

Successful logo is an emotional response (as in the target audience, and not in TA), which effectively stands out among the other players of environment, which is memorable and works.

Working logo means that members of the target audience or general will choose it from other logos of environment for the visual and emotional component (which is directly reflected in the company’s revenues).

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Therefore,”Smart logo is 100% – a unique idea and titanic work of the whole team for its materialization, which requires a lot of knowledge, skills and time.”

Logo development package includes:

  • Studying of client activity, fields, preferences, strategies.
  • Market research.
  • Analysis of the application of logo.
  • Studying the emotional component of logo.
  • Studying the visual component of logo.
  • Selection of corporate colors.
  • Selection of corporate font.
  • Visualization of practical usage of logo.
  • Clarification of culture of using logo.
  • Logo short and a full logo.
  • Logo on dark and light background.
  • Logo in various electronic formats.
  • Archive of logo in vector format.

Samples of logo design

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