Presentation as a process – is an activity of reporting information to the audience about something new: a product, service, brand, person, company or whatever.

As a document, presentation is an assembly of important facts and promo materials contained in a concise and attractive form.

In terms of communication, presentation is one of the tools of marketing and PR, whose main goal is to convey to the audience the most necessary information in the most appropriate manner.

Creating a presentation is like an engineering and construction process: uses only must-important building blocks, quality materials, and load-bearing walls should bear semantic communication.  

Each phrase or image should be inscribed in the structure of the corporate presentation in a smart way, so that all the components of the presentation (text, images, tables, graphics, info-graphics, videos, etc.) are logically paired with each other in order to identify and show the essence matter under consideration.  

Development of presentation assumes that before creating beautiful panels of text and visual set, the developer will analyze the environment for which it is created, will allow for individual style and features, also as – all mandatory info groups of the presented object.

As a full service advertising agency, Tart creates different types of POS-materials, including presentation.

The most common forms of presentations are:

  • Electronic
  • Print
  • Video

Printed presentation is used as «give away»-material. Electronic presentation is intended for use within the company and to communicate in the environment.

Presentation of the company, organization or brand – a measure of the corporate culture, reputation and ability to identify, distinguish itself from the crowd. In the right company presentation contains interesting and truthful information about the activities of the company, a description of its main advantages.  

For making a presentation are most often used templates in a wide range of designers presented multimedia presentations. The most popular are the presentation templates powerpoint. However, very often creating their presentation, companies are facing with the lack of individuality in templates (at least, they are templates!).  

Thus, if your company needs its “own face” clearly underlined features, expressiveness, and at the same time, conciseness – we are pleased to present our skills and tools to achieve all mentioned above.

Tart – is advertising agency that creates successful brands and strategies to promote them; as well – presentations (as one tool of marketing activities).

Definition of presentation Wikipedia →

The package of presentation development (depending on format) may include:

  • Development of presentation in vector format .eps, .ai.
  • Development of presentation in a format of .pdf.
  • Visualization (3-5) pages of printed presentation in .jpg.
  • Development of presentations in video format.