Website creation

From the history of websites

The first website appeared in 1991. It was It was made by british scientist Tim Berners-Lee for sharing and storing files, hypertext, interconnected by hyperlinks. Since then, it took a little more than 20 years. By results of web monitoring continuously conducted by Netcraft, in the autumn of 2014 the number of Internet sites exceeded the barrier of 1 billion, but in January 2015, Internet sites was reduced to 876,812,666. The number of active sites less then indicated figures, however, the figures still impressive, considering that at the dawn of internet sites in 1995 were recorded up to 20 thousand hosting names.

Create a site now possible to what or whom you like, is this:

  • Site of company or group of companies;
  • Site for business / official site;
  • Website to promote a brand or person;
  • Shopping site or internet store;
  • Site-catalog or online store;
  • Site of area or city;
  • Project website or personal website;
  • The school website, or even a teacher’s.

Any person or company if they have something to share with the watchful eye of the public or their audience, can create an online resource or website.

Our Company TART: Branding and Promotion creates brands and websites to ensure their success. We are engaged in internet marketing and internet branding, helping new or existing brand harmoniously integrate into the world wide web (www) and take their proper place there.

Tart may:

  • Create a site for an existing brand;
  • Create a site from scratch or very beginning (web page design, programming, content);
  • Create a brand (branding services, naming services) and site for its subsequent promotion;
  • Create your own online store;
  • Create Landing-Page;
  • Create online business card;
  • Create a corporate web-site (corporate information site or image site).

The process of website development by TART – is:

  • Site development begins with a thorough study of areas of companies/ brand / product / person activity. We take into account the results of our research and client’s wishes.
  • Further, the logical structure-building of site approved.
  • Website design creation (graphic or web design and drawing of each page).
  • Programming.
  • Testing and adjustment (possibly revision).
  • Running.

The price of site or value of individual works for a website creation:

The price of site can be determined after Client’s brief is filled and technical specifications for site development approved. Then we calculate preliminary labor-hour-cost of command (+ programmers web designers + copywriters, etc.), as well as take into account the dates when site should be launched.

Create a free website: “pros” and “cons”.

The most common request concerning the creation of websites, they are: “Create a website for free +” or “to create a free website.” More requests only on the “magic wand+ with own hands at home.” We hope analogy is clear)).

There are a lot of web constructors and kits to create a web-site for free. Constructor is a perfect playground to practice and achieve the desired result. However, for the domain name you still have to pay.

Therefore, you can create a website for free, but … you need to understand what are the further goals and objectives.

If you want to create your own website, but do not know how to start, we suggest to familiarize with concise step by step directions.

Create a website step by step instructions.

  1. Select the name (possibly several variants), which will be the domain name for the resource (it is desirable that the name is easy in pronunciation and simple to write and memorize).
  2. Check freely name you choose (for Ukraine it is and pay to use the domain.
  3. Think about the concept and structure of your site, find the content.
  4. Develop terms of reference for programmers.
  5. ar understanding of how to look for your resource).
  6. Next – Net revenues: web design, programming, content.

Still have questions? – please, contact TART!