Tart Company creates a successful brands, as well as websites that help to learn about this brand or company maximum of useful information.

What can Tart do:

  • Create not only a site, but also content for it (texts, graphics, information, video);
  • Ensure uniqueness of the content;
  • Make a content analysis of the site;
  • Develop a content marketing strategy;
  • To put content on the site, online store, or to a separate sections, pages etc.;
  • Establish contacts through blogs and social networks;
  • To create a film about the Company.

To get more details about all the processes and concepts you can see information below or contact us by phone:

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Three “C” instead of four “P”: Content, copyright, conversion of site.

The concept of the “4Ps”, was proposed in 1960 and known as the Marketing mix, until quite recently, allowed the company to act in four-axis area of marketing planning. However, very soon to all known product , price , promotion place were added package , the buying process (purchase), customers (people), staff (personnel), processes .  

With the rapid development of such areas as online marketing, may soon be the theory of three, five or more “C”, the coordinate system content – copyright – conversion of site.   Sites of the companies are created in order to attract an audience and create an information area around the service or product. Most of all – for the subsequent sale.  

Virtually every self-respecting company has a web site. It is affordable and inexpensive way to declare their activities for the whole country or even world, thus expanding horizons.

What are the opportunities in terms of communication can website gives to the Company or business?

From the pages of the site you can access the audience by:

  • Writing – through the text (informing about goods and services, describing them).
  • Visual-graphic language (photos, pictures, presentations, charts, tables).
  • Verbal – is appealing, information videos, promo clips (for further promotion of the channel in youtube, posting in social networks and the media).
  • Video content allows you to convey not only the direct benefits of the service or product, but also add an emotional component, forming an opinion on the company’s corporate culture.
  • By combining all of the mentioned above.

Everything that is contained on the site – it’s content.

Content Wiki →

Copyright – is a textual part of the content. The content in literal expression. Copywriter – is a writer, the creator of the text.

Content is very different in terms of size, quality, relevance and appropriateness.

Compliance of content, content that matches selected topics

If your site is devoted to fishing, the sections, subsections and all content must be about fishing tools, nature, species of fish, and so on, but not about the macroeconomic indicators of sewing and spinning industry.

Appropriateness of content

For children’s sites advertising or promotional unacceptable for adults, as well as inappropriate recipes of meat dishes on a vegetarian website. It is important to respect the target audience and its preferences (believe, this approach always valued and respected by audience).

Quality of content – rather arbitrary parameter, but it can be estimated.

Qualitative content for a website is:

  • Informative, meaningful and laconic;
  • Truthful;
  • Visually attractive;
  • Unique.

How do you know how well your site filled?

You can contact a company that specializes in Internet marketing issues and order content analysis.

In addition, the content manager that will check the content of each page and each section of your web resource, if necessary, will offer optimization of the structure or design improvements.

The analyze of content can be done independently:

  • Make the site structure;
  • Scan each page (on the part of text, pictures, banners, links and advertisements) by the eyes of customer;
  • Make a list of keywords by which your company can find customers. These words should be in your texts;
  • Check text and photos with Antiplagiat services – they allow you to check the uniqueness of the content and identify whether its uses in bad faith;
  • The results obtained should be used to improve your site. If the text is capacious , but duplicate phrases from other resources or sources, losing in the uniqueness – it is highly recommended to rewrite texts. Rewriter helps to do quick rewrite and clearly explain the essence of topic.

It happens that the company does not have the time, knowledge or staff member to produce content site content companies, as well as to provide content management.  

For example, the pages of online store need to be constantly upgrading and updating.

Therefore, such service as posting (publishing of large volumes of information) is often given to outsource companies professionals. Those fill out the cards of goods and fill the store with desired products.  

Sometimes, the success of “top” position of the site is frequently updating of content on topics of interest to the target audience.  

On the exchanges of content you can order interesting reviews, articles and interviews, buy video and photographs. Not all photobanks work on the principle of payment. Many people use the system of subsidies, many photobanks free of charge. The main thing is that buying content, you get the rights to it, and with them – the uniqueness of content and traffic to your resource.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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