Tart can design a package for any product.

Creating a package involves a detailed studying of all activities of Client, area of activity and marketing segment. Before the package creation analysis of competitors’ package should be done.  

Packaging materials are always negotiated before the work on the design starts.  

Tart creates attractive and original mock ups and designs for package. But we are also interested to make packaging design practical; ergonomic and “smart” and the package itself to be minimally involved in the process of environmental pollution.  

We consider the package as an extension of the brand, for orientation and positioning it in the commodity, economic and social space.  

In the process of package design development, we try to take into consideration the wishes and goals of Client, but we mainly take into account the preferences of the target audience and trends influencing their choices. For this Tart uses the method of focus groups as the basis of marketing research.

Design of packing is often acts as a determining factor at the time the buyer make his choice. That’s why all manufacturers do not spare money and energy to design attractive and original packages for their goods.  

In our habitual world almost everything which is sold, has a package. Packaging is so tightly present in everyday life that sometimes inseparable from the goods which is sold.  

Practically without realizing the presence of products and goods packaging we day by day unfold, unpack, tear and throw away it … as if it is not at all and it is not so important.  

However, packaging plays a crucial role in the life of the product or the product and the consumer life together.

Gift wrapping as a separate service exists in every supermarket.

Tons of Christmas and New Year packaging and packaging of Gifts leave houses after the holidays, fulfilled their primary, but short-term mission.

Purposes of packaging:

  • Safeguarding the integrity of (opening control) and quality (especially packages for milk and canned meat products);
  • Providing easy transportation;
  • Media advertising information, also as – all necessary infogroups related to this product.

The most common today are:

  • Cardboard (carton) packaging;
  • Plastic Packaging;
  • Glass containers;
  • Wooden crates and barrels.

Modern packaging design highlights a separate niche – hand made packing . This field is for the implementation of creative ideas from the masters of Hand Made. Original ideas embodied in unusual shapes and materials, generate increasing demand for products and highly appreciated by customers.

Tart cooperates with leading Ukrainian designers, actively involving creativity and art in the area of trade, marketing and advertising.