Hello, friends,

Welcome to the New Year!  

Let it be for all of us kind and full of joy! Christmas, New Year and winter mood inspired TART to take slightly different look at the process of creating logos. We decided to implement some innovations to step by step manual of logo development.

What came out of it – you learn from videos, but first – a short note:  

For anyone who is searching for on the Internet:

Create a logo for free.

Create free logos.

Create a logo made from natural materials.

Create a winter logo

TART says that to create ANYTHING there are need:

INSPIRATION, IDEA and the INTENTION to implement it. And also – the snow and ice)) winter mood, thirst to make experiments and a video camera.

Therefore, look at the new video of TART: “Winter – is the best time to create the logo” or how to create a logo (and, in addition, to create a logo for free).